We maintain inventory of many common types of steel including tubing, plate, angle, and flat bar.  We have a limited selection of stainless steel and aluminum as well.  We are the only local shop to offer a wide range of ultra hardened plate such as AR500, AR550, and AR600. If we don't have the item you're looking for we can usually receive inventory within 1-2 business days. 

- Material by the foot

- Odd size or custom size materials

- Abrasion Resistant applications

- Armoring and Ballistic Steel Applications through our sister company (click here)

Whether its a railing for your deck or a repair to your lawn mower, we have the tools, materials, and staff to handle all of your residential or custom projects:

- Stair or Deck railings

- Small repairs or reinforcements

- Custom racks or carts

- Repairs to home decor or furniture

- Cutting and CNC plasma services

- Custom Design and 3D Rendering

- Hitches, Vehicle Racks, Trailer Repairs 

Powder Coating & LARGe SCALE Sand Blasting

Tel: 970.215.6969

67 NW Frontage Rd, Fort COllins, CO 80524

Commercial Fabrication

Our in house powder coating and 7' x 7 'x 20' oven allows us to quickly coat your project unlike other shops that have to wait for a third party.  We also can guarantee the work is performed to the highest standards of quality at lowest prices possible. 

- Railings, Canopies, and Misc Steel Parts

- Vehicle Rims, Bumpers, Lawn Furniture, Small Parts, Rusted Rails, Etc.  

- Over 250 colors to choose from

- With our new large scale 375PSI sandblasting system we can blast a single car rim or even an entire car! 

Our tooling allows us to perform any welding or brazing process including MIG, TIG, and SMAW for carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.  We offer shearing and bending processes for plate and tube, and our torsion machine can perform twisting. We have a medium sized sandblast cabinet which can handle small automotive or household parts.  

- Welding carbon steel, stainless steel, stud gun, aluminum, and brazing

- Tube rolling, press braking, plate rolling, shearing, metal lathing, twisting, hammering, forging, and more

- Cutting, torching, plasma cutting

Welding, Light Bending, Rolling, & Machining  

Residential & Repairs 

CNC Plasma Cutting

Our in house CNC water submerged plasma machine allows us to cut steel sheets to any shape, font, or design you can imagine.   

- Steel signs, Silhouettes, Lettering, Landscape Scenes, Animals

- Custom shapes or components on timber framing, truss brackets, etc. 

- Material thicknesses of 18ga up to 1"

Common and Specialized Material 

Tel: 970.215.6969

67 NW Frontage Rd, Fort COllins, CO 80524

We specialize in fabrication and installation of 1-2 story structural steel and miscellaneous metals.  With in-house design/drafting and certified welders our team is qualified and equipped to handle all of the scopes below with speed and efficiency:

- Structural Steel Beams and Columns

- Steel Joists and Decking

- Canopies and awnings

- Steel Stairs, Landings, Mezzanines, and Railings

- Trash Enclosure Gates

- Steel Bollards

- Trench Drain Covers and Sidewalk Chases

- Bar rails, foot rails, grab rails, shelving

- Roof ladders, elevator pit ladders, access ladders

- RTU Reinforcements & Bracing