Tel: 970.215.6969

67 NW Frontage Rd, Fort COllins, CO 80524

Tel: 970.215.6969

67 NW Frontage Rd, Fort COLLINS, CO 80524

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service backed by over a decade of customer satisfaction. 


Welding is a trade that most people aren't familiar with. Here at Creative Welding and Fabrication LLC, we treat every project the same no mater how big or small.  We pride ourselves on taking an honest approach to business and demonstrating integrity and professionalism with every customer we serve.  We've been family- owned and operated since 2007 and maintain a rare appreciation for community and service that you won't find anywhere else. 

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Our Team

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We create solutions through experience, knowledge, and a little bit of humor. 


Matt - Has over 27 years of welding, fabrication, and design experience.  He graduated from welding trade school in 1997 and has worked for some of the most prominent local steel companies in Colorado. He's refused to change his out-of-office cell phone greeting for 10 years and probably doesn't know where he put his coffee cup. 

Kristy - Has over 17 years experience in accounting, human resources, commercial billing, and administrative operations.  She loves to count things, hates spending money, and is way nicer than everyone else here.  

Joe - Has over 20 years of Business & Construction Management experience and currently serves as Operations Manager for both Creative Welding LLC & Steel Ops Ltd.   Joe lives in his office and is the angry one who's always in a hurry.  If something is wrong its probably his fault somehow.  He enjoys answering his cell phone and pretending to know how to weld. 

Forbes - Has over 8 years in the powder coating and welding fields. He serves as the lead fabricator for Steel Ops Ltd and operates our brand new CNC plasma machine.  If something is lost he probably knows where it is.  If he looks lost just give him a minute.  

Zach - Serves as lead installer and sometimes a fabricator when needed.  Zach has many years of experience installing a wide range of projects including storage facilities, restaurants, gas stations, and other tenant finishes.  He prefers the name "Zachie Chan", enjoys long bike rides in the morning, and likes to remind everyone how awesome his welds are even though they didn't ask.  

​Hana - Assists with a wide range of tasks including walk-in sales, estimating, timecards/payroll, powder coating, purchasing, vacuuming, or really any task that allows her to skip class at school.  She enjoys being a smart aleck, arguing with people, and calling her parents by their first names.     

We employ other certified welders, trade school graduates, fabricators, powder coaters, and installers who excel in their various fields.  Do you think you have what it takes to be part of the Creative Welding Team?  Drop off a resume and come take a weld test.  You could be part of Northern Colorado's fastest growing welding company where we combine a family owned atmosphere with big company work ethic to achieve outstanding success.