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24 HOUR EMERGENCY MOBILE REPAIRS - Please contact 970-566-2454

For mobile repairs we charge port to port which means from the time we leave our facility to the time we return. There is a minimum of $500 charge for after hours calls and a credit card must be provided before we will dispatch a welder. You card will be authorized for the $500 minimum and will be charged any remaining balance upon completion. 

GENERAL PRICING: Although we encourage you to schedule a free consultation at our office to receive an exact quote, generally the following pricing can be used to establish a budget for your project:

- Powder Coating - $4-$5 per square foot for standard black or bronze

- Railings - $125 per linear foot which includes material, fabrication, delivery, and install

- Repairs or small projects - $90/hr plus material (account for set up time & cutting!)

All pricing listed may change and these should not be construed to offer a final bid of any kind. Please contact our office for final pricing - 970.215.6969


Tel: 970.215.6969 

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67 NW Frontage Rd

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PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTACTING!!! - For residential or small projects we highly encourage you to stop in for a free consultation.  We do not perform onsite estimates and it is very difficult to offer you the best price and service over the phone.  Verbal pricing is not final and may not be honored.  You may also email a picture/PDF of your project and request pricing.  Send to: SALES@CWANDF.COM - When emailing please include as much detail as possible such as pictures, dimensions, material types, colors, location, and a picture of something you're trying to match.

Here's a couple quick tips to help us ensure you get the best price and service:

1.  As a custom shop it is highly unlikely we will be cheaper than pre-manufactured items online.  If you're trying to beat the price of something you've already seen on Amazon or other online retailer you may be disappointed... yes even that product.  Altering an items is typically cheaper than making a new one.  Everything we do is from scratch! 

2.  There are an infinite amount of railing styles so if you want a price on railing we must have an idea of what you want it to look like.  There is no such thing as a "generic" or "typical" railing.  We do not "stock" sections of rails.  A picture is worth a thousand words!  Find a picture online and submit that with your request for pricing. 

3. It is nearly impossible to offer accurate powder coat or sandblast pricing over the phone. Rust, existing coatings, material type, and powder coat color all play a factor. PLEASE bring those items in or send pictures for pricing!  Verbal pricing via phone rarely accurate.  

​4. Friday afternoons are the busiest time to bring in custom work.  Many of our staff have hit their hours for the week or are trying to finish other projects before the weekend. Try to be proactive and bring your work in on Mondays so you can have it by the weekend!  We are not open on weekends. 

 5. We generally run at least a 1 week lead time, often more like 2-3 weeks.  If you need your project done right away the fastest way to get started is to visit us.  Rush jobs over the phone may be declined because we simply cannot get all the information to complete your project correctly.  Help us serve you by stopping by!

6. We charge by the minute and there's no such thing as "a quick spot weld".  We have some of the best fabricators around but almost no job is possible in less than 30 minutes due to set-up time and coordination.  We appreciate your understanding.