For residential or small projects we highly encourage you to stop in for a free consultation. It is very difficult to offer you the best possible price and service over the phone. Please call ahead to let us know you're coming.  If you'd prefer to use email please include as much detail as possible including pictures, lengths, material types, powder coat colors, location of project, and/or a link to something you are trying to match. 

For commercial/industrial work or if you are a general contractor please remit all ITB's or job related correspondence to the appropriate email listed.  


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1925 S. Timberline Rd N-1 Fort Collins CO 80525 us

Phone: 970.215.6969
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24 HOUR EMERGENCY MOBILE REPAIRS - Please contact 970-566-2454

For mobile repairs we charge port to port which means from the time we leave our facility to the time we return. There is a minimum of $500 charge for after hours calls and a credit card must be provided before we will dispatch a welder. You card will be authorized for the $500 minimum and will be charged any remaining balance upon completion. 

GENERAL PRICING: Although we encourage you to schedule a free consultation at our office to receive an exact quote, generally the following pricing can be used to establish a budget for your project:

- Powder Coating - $4-$5 per square foot for standard black or bronze

- Railings - $125/lf which includes material, fabrication, delivery, and install

- Repairs or small projects - $90/hr plus material

All pricing listed may change and these should not be construed to offer a final bid of any kind. Please contact our office for final pricing - 970.215.6969